What NOT to Pack When Traveling

It may be silly to some, but for some reasons there are people who will (and still do) pack items that are not allowed on board trains, planes & cruise ships.

To the lover of wilderness, Alaska is one of the most wonderful countries in the world.

Below is a list of items that are STRICTLY prohibited on any and all mode of transportation except your own personal vehicle.

For safety reasons and for the protection of the staff as well as fellow passengers, many airlines, train company’s & cruise lines have prohibited the following items onboard.

Any weapons (including firearms, knives, ammunition, etc.)
Non prescribed Illegal drugs
Candles, incense or any scent burning device
Decorative souvenir canes/ walking sticks
Electrical appliances such as coffee makers, hot plates, hair dryers and electric irons
Clothes Iron
Any sporting equipment ( including scuba equipment,  skateboards,  hockey gear, surfboards, etc)
Self-Defense Gear (including handcuffs, pepper spray and night sticks)
Flammable liquids, chemical and explosives (including lighter fluid, bleach, paint, fireworks, etc. )
Power Tools
Musical instruments – these can be put into checked bags on airlines