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Travel Tip: Lugging Your Baggage Around

Travel Tip: Lugging Your Baggage Around Leave a comment

Pack light so that you can manage your luggage by yourself with ease. One carry-on, whether it’s a suitcase or backpack, will make your life easier than larger pieces. Use a distinctive mark on your luggage other than a name and address tag. Keep your name and address inside your bag for proper identification, if needed.

Before packing your bags, lay out all the items you are going to pack and take a picture of the items with your smart phone. This way if the bags get lost you have a picture as proof to get paid to replace these items. Most insurance coverage is limited to a set amount, so think of that amount if you are bringing jewelry. If you bring jewelry with some value, make sure you have it insured with your homeowners policy to get more accurate cost coverage to its value. Make sure that the homeowners policy will cover the items if lost while traveling.

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