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Travel Tip: Extra Baggage

Travel Tip: Extra Baggage Leave a comment

When traveling we often of pack and forget to leave room for items that we purchase, so keep a small carry on bag that will fold flat on the bottom of your suitcase when you travel. If you need it you don’t have to worry about buying another bag when you may have lots at home. If you don’t need to use the extra bag for extra clothes & gifts you bought, use it to store your dirty laundry so you don’t have to do as much wash when you get home. I would suggest a light canvas or cloth bag for ease it packing it.¬†Make sure that the bag fits into your luggage as it lays flat on the bottom of the case and that it fits with the dirty clothes on the way home.

After you get home, air the spare bag out and put in the larger luggage so you will have it all ready for your next trip.






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