Travel Tip: Bad Weather Effecting Flights

When your flight is delayed or cancelled due to weather, the airlines often will automatically change your flights including dates and times.

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You don’t have to accept these, you can ask for specific times and dates. If there are multiple airports in your area that you can get to easily, ask for those airports departure times as well.

Example, You were flying out of Newark, NJ (EWR) and your flight got cancelled. You can ask for flight times out of LaGuardia (LGA) and/or White Plains (HPN) or Manhattan’s (JFK).

If bad weather is the reason your flight was rescheduled, the airlines almost always waive their change fees. If your flights were rescheduled by the airlines without your knowledge you can ask them to change your flights and STILL honor the waiver for a flight change.

I always suggest to be nice for the old saying “honey will catch more bees than vinegar will” meaning you will get what you want and need by being kind & polite.

FYI – If you booked your travel with a Travel Agent they could wait on hold and make the changes for you, while you relax and don’t have to stress about the weather & changes to your schedule.