Travel Off The Beaten Path to an Exclusive Boutique Resort

Every once in a while you meet someone you just connect with, or travel to someplace that captures your heart.

Once a year, go someplace you've never been before

 Many of us wizened travelers look for this elusive place or thing all our lives.  We know when we have seen  or done something close but also know there is something out there that will just take your breath away.

It is the place that you brag to all your friend and family about finding and go back time and time again because there is always something new to do and explore but yet time seems to stand still and that place doesn’t seem change at all.

These places do exist. People do flock to these places, not in the thousands but in the handfuls because they know they are NOT the cookie cutter resort that caters to the masses. I have recently found one of those places.

Recently I was introduced to the owner of Villa Celeste Estate in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. She in turn introduced me to her resort. A jewel tucked in the landscape of the Caribbean, an oasis of sorts. You may not believe that such a beautiful and unique place still exists, but in fact it does.

This place is ‘Beyond the beach & sun vacation destination’ as Vanessa describes it. What it is, is the anti all-inclusive, for they want their clients to explore, have adventures and enjoy each day differently than the last. Unlike the all-inclusive resorts where guests feel obligated to stay right on the resort all the time and never get out and traipse thru the towns beaches or get the flavor of the area, Villa Celeste Estate celebrates their uniqueness.

This is an Exclusive Boutique Resort, that offers tours & excursions as part of your stay. This is a secluded resort as well, that is right in the middle of things. With just 8 luxurious rooms each and every guest will experience a different stay based on what their wants, needs & desires are.

Each stay is catered to the guest themselves and not what they want the guest to do (or not do).

As an Exclusive Boutique Resort they have private chefs that prepare local and international cuisine using local grown food that is fresh, in season with fruits and vegetables picked the same day it is prepared for the guests.

Do I dream or imagine such a place exists?

No, it is real. So check out this wonderful new Exclusive Boutique resort yourself. For more information contact me or visit their website at . You will never regret this travel decision!