Top 7 Budget Honeymoon Destinations

Weddings and Honeymoons go together like Love and Marriage, but many couple find that after planning their dream wedding, there is a limited budget for their honeymoon.

We travel for romance, we travel for architecture, and we travel to be lost

Unless you have unlimited funds, a honeymoon is often the last item on a long list of must haves and must do when planning your wedding.

If you are seeking to have a great honeymoon, all the while staying inside your budget, below is a list of destinations that you can get great honeymoon packages without busting the bank.

The Caribbean – All inclusive resorts are very popular and you can find a full range  from very budget friendly to uber luxurious

Mexico – Again, all inclusive resorts are very popular and a great bargain can be found in the Playa Maya area

Hawaii – If you can avoid the high season, there are real deals to be found at resorts and hotels on the islands, but no all-inclusive packages

Florida – just imagine miles and miles of wonderful beaches…

Utah & Colorado – if you like the great outdoors or skiing you will find great deals year around

New York City – It’s called the Big Apple and you can take a big bite out of it with Broadway shows, art, museums and endless nightlife for truly urban getaway

Cruises – if you can’t decide on one place to travel to, cruises stop at several ports during a single cruise and many have all-inclusive packages. Cruising has now become the number 1 thing newlyweds do for their honeymoon.