The New 2021 Guidelines
for Travel Around The World.

A travel agent will be able to tell you all the rules required
for each and every country around the world before you depart on your trip.

The New 2021 Guidelines
for Travel Around The World

More and more countries are again opening their doors and borders to welcome travelers from around the world.

Things are not the way they were before the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic but things are slowly returning to a new normal.

The first thing is to know, is that travel will be less restrictive right now for all those who have been fully vaccinated.

There are still very strict restrictions for non-vaccinated people wanting to travel. These restrictions are not just getting Covid testing before, during and after a trip but also mandatory quarantine for 14 days is required. Without proof of vaccination or proof from a medical facility of monitored quarantine, travelers can and will be denied access to many places around the world still at this time.

Those who are vaccinated should not laminate their vaccination cards since booster shots may be required in the future and proof of those will be required for travel as well.

The best suggestion is to get a clear, open card protector (hung from a lanyard for ease while traveling) to protect the information and still have access to add any future booster shot information.

As of right now, getting the Covid shots (within the USA) are not being added to a persons shot records booklet as other shots are listed.

The Covid-19 shot cards are separate cards that are filled out at the many vaccination sites in and around the United States.

When traveling having the following three items will be required for all international travel: Passport, Shot Record booklet and Covid-19 vaccine card.

Of course domestic travel, within the 50 United States only require a mask and proof of vaccination if you have received these shots.

There are still places in the USA which will require quarantine and proof of a recent negative Covid-19 testing until further notice. Updates will be made on this site at a later date.

Travel within the USA via plane, train, bus etc. do require everyone to wear a mask if you are vaccinated or not. This has been a very strict rule that all airlines, train and bus services demand, especially with the Covid-19 Delta variant has spread world wide because it is so much stronger and faster at being spread. Since it is not known yet, if already vaccinated people will be secured against the Delta variant, everyone must follow this mask mandate.

When traveling internationally, even if vaccinated, a negative Covid-19 test is required before entering a country, and before leaving that country.

Many hotels and resorts are offering free Covid-19 testing to all their guest before they depart to return home. You will be required to show a negative Covid-19 test within 1-3 days prior to departing the US. These test can be done by your Doctor, or at any of the free Covid-19 testing sites around the country.

As with the mandates in the US, many countries are requiring travelers to wear a mask on public transportation such as inter-country flights, trains & buses.

A travel agent will be able to tell you all the rules required for each and every country around the world before you depart on your trip. They will also let you know how you will be protected on your travels, if things get cancelled or delayed. A good Travel Agent is your best source for booking and protecting your trip, by providing you with all the important news and updated requirements of everywhere you wish to travel.