St Martin:

Seabourn’s Small Ships Make A Big Splash In St. Martin

Port officials on St. Martin are courting Seabourn and its smaller fleet of ships to home port in St. Martin year round.

But for all the excitement, St. Martin and St. Maarten still foster a stress-free vibe – starting out with how easily you can pass between both sides of the island.

So catch a few morning rays on a quiet Dutch-side beach; later, take a leisurely afternoon stroll through a French-side mountain.

Port officials believe that Seabourn is a perfect cruise line for their island because their ships carry smaller passenger loads than other cruise lines ships.

Seabourn’s ships are amongst the smallest in the cruise industry, carrying a mere 500 to 1,000 passengers vs. other cruise lines that have capacity of over 2,600 to 3,000 passengers.

St. Martin is one of the Caribbean’s most active & popular destinations, especially with cruise passengers. But the Port Authority notes that it does not have the infrastructure to maintain any of the mega ships like it can a smaller vessel. 

With a larger ships of 2,500+ passengers, the terminal would need to accommodate 5,000+ pieces of luggage alone on turn around days, plus service all the other ships that may be calling at their port on the same day.

The logistics would be perfect with one of Seabourn’s smaller ships.