Know Before You Go

Before taking your next flight to anywhere,
make yourself aware of the FAA's Rule 240!

Delayed Sign Closeup
Business couple near the airport

This is already an extremely busy summer vacation season and delays plus cancellations have increased dramatically

Federal Aviation Administration Rule 240 mandated that an airline with a delayed or canceled flight had to transfer passengers to another carrier if the second carrier could get passengers to the destination more quickly than the original airline.

The original rule, referring to a federal requirement before airline deregulation in 1978, is long-obsolete; however, the major US airlines have filed “conditions of carriage” with the U.S. Department of Transportation guaranteeing their similar provisions.

These provisions vary from airline to airline, and generally apply only to delays that are absolutely the airline’s fault, such as mechanical delays, and not to “force majeure” events such as weather, strikes, or “acts of God”.

Also, never assume that just changing your flight is all an airline can do for you. If you will be at an airport longer than expected ask for a meal chit. If having to stay overnight get them to comp you a hotel night.

Don’t spend a night on an airport floor if your delayed or cancelled flight is due to an airline issue.