Best Cruise Lines for Families and Children

Best Cruise Lines for Families and Children Even as a cruise consumer, I am a Disney fanatic but as a Travel Agent, I realize that not everyone who wants to cruise is partial to Disney for a family vacation. There are so many great cruise lines that ...

Travel Tip: Extra Baggage

When traveling we often of pack and forget to leave room for items that we purchase, so keep a small carry on bag that will fold flat on the bottom of your suitcase when you travel. If you need it you don’t have to worry about buying another ba...

Travel Tip: Emergency Contacts

Whether traveling alone or with someone, let your emergency contact at home know where you’re staying. They should be aware of your movement from place to place and where you’re staying in each destination.

Travel Tip: Daytime Arrivals

No matter how you travel or where you travel to, plan to arrive during daylight, so you’re not trying to find your way through an unfamiliar city in the dark.

Travel Tip: International Travel Safety Information

Know how to access your government’s help in case of an emergency. Most countries have specific sites where you can register your travels and learn how to get help when traveling. If you used a Travel Agent, ask them to make sure this is done f...

Travel Tip: Lugging Your Baggage Around

Pack light so that you can manage your luggage by yourself with ease. One carry-on, whether it’s a suitcase or backpack, will make your life easier than larger pieces. Use a distinctive mark on your luggage other than a name and address tag. Ke...

Travel Tip: Items To Always Have Packed

Carry a small first-aid kit, a small roll with a few feet of duct tape, a safety whistle, small sewing kit and an extra padlock with you. These can all come in handy and can be used for many different reasons. I always keep these items in a small zi...

Travel Tip: Safe Haven

Don’t let people you just met on a day tour or at a bar know where you’re staying. Your accommodation should be your safe haven.

Travel Tip: Savvy Packing

Roll your clothes when packing to reduce wrinkles and save space. Also stuff small items into shoes like socks, jewelry etc. – this helps use up all the space in your luggage.