Best Cruise Lines for
Families and Children

Even as a cruise consumer, I am a Disney fanatic but as a Travel Agent, I realize that not everyone who wants to cruise is partial to Disney for a family vacation.

There are so many great cruise lines that families can take and enjoy every single minute of their cruise and never see a Mickey ear!

My husband and I have raised three children and they all love to cruise.

We started them when they were young, but we did not limit them to one cruise line only like we never just go to the same vacation spot every year.

No matter what their age, children have their own opinions as to what they like.

We always ask our new cruise clients to tell us what they enjoy doing in the evenings and on the weekends.

This will allow us to tailor their likes and wants to create a perfect cruise itinerary for them.

Cruise ships now have truly become floating resorts, but they can’t be everything to everyone.

That is impossible, try as they may, they have though created a niche image. Those niche images are what attracts cruisers to certain cruise lines for not only themselves but their families as well.

Take Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, I see them as the Nike ad ‘Just Do It’ cruise line with their towering rock walls, zip lines, ice skating and more. Even their own private island is touted as the “Perfect Day at Cocoa Cay” and offers a whole list of activities for any age from the very young to the very young at heart.

Like their tallest water slide in North America to the 450 ft helium balloon ride to over the water cabanas with majestic views.

Their ships themselves have the same type of feeling, no matter where you are traveling to.

The greatest part of a family cruise can be that they can serve the needs of a multi-generational family.

This starts in the type of staterooms each family can choose based on their budget to the kid’s clubs, entertainment to dining and more.

While reading that great American novel by the pool, others can go bowling, learn about different whiskeys, attend an art auction etc. but each cruise line will offer their own take or spin on this like Carnival Cruise Line’s Dr. Suess partnership.

Even some of the top luxury cruise lines, such as Regent Seven Seas offer a Childrens Program that is tailored to specific ages like other cruise lines, but they will also reflect what type of cruise line and ship they are sailing on.

Every cruise line tries to make their product and services to meet the style of comfort and total entertainment geared to their niche.

As for my kids, yes, they loved their Disney cruises, but as they were growing up, they loved the one cruise line I personally liked the least.


Did that mean I wouldn’t take them on that cruise line because of my feelings?

No, I wanted everyone to have a great time, not just myself.

For even while taking several cruises on this particular cruise line (and I will NEVER admit who it is), I found lots of things to do and enjoy and we all as a family had a great time.

So, take my advice, talk to a travel professional, try different cruise lines and find out what your family’s ‘perfect cruise for you’ is!

I have been traveling all of my life, starting off as a daughter of a US diplomat.
In fact, I met my husband of 42 yrs. in New Delhi, India while we both lived there and were part of the Embassy community.
I love to travel and explore new places far & wide. I’ve taken that love for travel and have now been a Travel Agent for 32+ years.
Warm Regards,
Terry Jones
Vacation Specialist & Owner
CLIA Accredited Cruise Counselor
Herndon, VA
T: (703) 793-9386 or 1-877-800-2789

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