Alaska Adventures: Tidbits about Denali National Park

There are few roads that actually go into Denali National Parks.

This place, the land is more ancient and pure; it's like a concentrated tonic for the soul.

If you take too much it can infect you, and if you don't take enough you have missed it completely and your efforts were in vein.

It was just a few years ago that the park was patrolled solely by dog sleds. As Alaskan tourism expanded, the state built just a small handful of roads, so not to destroy any more of its majestic environment and preserve more of the parks animal inhabitants.

From the handful of resorts and lodges at the opening of the park there is a set area for visitors to explore and that is only 60 miles inside the park. This is a favorite tour for visitors called the Tundra Wilderness.

From the entrance of Denali National Park it is 90 miles till you reach the base of Mt. McKinley.

Alaska contains 23 National Parks, Denali is one of its most popular.

Denali consists of 6 million acres of park land. There are over 1.6 million acres of smaller park land in the state.

The parks offer diverse experiences such as glacier & wildlife viewing, fishing, camping, hiking, hot springs and climbing.

You can learn more about Denali on the National Parks website