Alaska Adventures: Dog Sledding

Dog sledding is considered Alaska’s state sport.

I'm sorry. I was just running them. Running the dogs."
I swallowed more soup and looked at the sky.
The cold air was so clear the stars seemed to be falling to the ground.
Like you could walk right. . . over . . . there and pick them up just lying on the snow.
I couldn't come back.

Though during the summer months dog sledding is only available to experience in certain areas there are different ways to learn and experience dog sledding on your own.

During the winter the Iditarod Race is an annual tradition. You can take a tour of the Iditarod kennel where the mush dogs are housed.

What kid or young at heart wouldn’t want to play and interact with with beautiful creatures and especially cuddle up with the puppies! 

While taking the tour you will learn about the history of the Iditarod, the history of the animals themselves plus other facts & tales of their Alaskan Adventures.