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Using & Recycling Gift Cards For Travel. I often tell my travel clients not to use………

Being organized is key when traveling but not forgetting these few essentials ……..

It may be silly to some, but for some reasons there are people who will pack items that are not allowed ……..

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11 Years & Added 1 Partner

August 2007 I started my very own travel agency as an Independent Contractor with Cruises, Inc. August 2007 I started my very own travel agency as an Independent Contractor with

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Norwegians in Belize?

That is right, Norwegians in Belize! Norwegian Cruise Lines recently completed the purchase of 75 acres of island property on Harvest Cay, off the southern side of the island. The cruise line

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Postings Delay

Sorry for the lack of postings over the last few days. I had surgery and so out of commission for a little while. I’ll be back soon.   Happy &

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30 Tons Of Gummy Bears!

With many airlines scaling back on complementary products & services it is rare to hear a fun statistic like the airline Lufthansa reveled recently. While at a travel conferance, the speaker noted

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Alaska Adventures: Dog Sledding

Dog sledding is considered Alaska’s state sport. Though during the summer months dog sledding is only available to experience in certain areas there are diiferent ways to learn and experience

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Norwegian Cruise Lines Wins Award

Norwegian Cruise Line has been named “Europe’s Leading Cruise Line” by the World Travel Awards for the fifth consecutive year. The 19th annual awards recognize travel companies for delivering an

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